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The Most advanced tire changer in the world!

        Newest addition to Island Tire & Service's equipment collection is the most advanced tire changer in the world. The New Corghi Master Code. This new leverless tire changer has nothing ever making contact with the rim besides the tire itself. Runflats, low profile series tires, reverse mounted rims, wide and or large rims up to 32 inch, delicate rims plus more. This new computerized machine will make quick and safe work of your next tire changing needs.

        Island Tire & Service welcomes hot rods and vintage cars for their tire needs. We not only provide our customers with a wide variety of vehicle specific tires, we install everything we sell with care and pride. If you are looking for a 3 1/4 inch whitewall or a beefy dragster tire call Island Tire & Service for more information and pricing.

Still today Island Tire & Service try's to give our racing enthusiast the best service we can. We are glad to help prep all tire, alignment, brake and engine needs. If you need to bleed your brakes, get more front negative camber with your suspension or just need an oil change a day before your track event call Island Tire & Service and we will try to get you situated.

        Island Tire & Service continues to give customers what they cannot find in many other shops. Our Hunter GSP9700 StrightTrack LFM Wheel Balancer gives the choice of dynamic, static, and road force balancing. For the most precise wheel balancing service's we are one of the few to offer Road Force balancing. A simulated road test is done to the wheel while on the GSP9700 which in turn gives out a computer reading of how many pounds of pull is actually being created. If too many pounds are created, accurate measurements are taken, the tire is rotated on the wheel and rebalanced for another time. In most cases this solves the pull problem. After the wheel is balanced with either clip on or adhesive weights the wheel is marked for later indication. Same procedures are done for the next 3 wheels and after all are marked 1, 2, 3, and 4 the computer screen tells the technician where exactly to place each wheel on the car for best driving results. Prices for road force balancing and regular balancing can be found here. All balancing carries a lifetime of the tire guarantee. For more information on Road Force, Dynamic, and Static balancing visit

        Another feature Island Tire & Service has recently added is our alignment ditch. To accommodate low vehicles this trench allows our mechanic to adjust alignment settings on almost any car now. Our Hunter DSP400 alignment machine gives detailed information on the vehicles current alignment settings. It then shows how the car should be aligned according to the factory specifications. We have the most up to date specs from most manufacters and our alignments include a three month warranty. (exluding custom specifications) We also have a lifetime alignment special for most cars.

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